Make use of some of the below list of tips we find very useful in the kitchen. We are sure that you guys all have some great tips too, so please email them to us so we can all benefit!


Avocados are semi-tropical, chilling-sensitive fruits that are harvested hard and ripen off the tree. Some varieties are soft and rich


Asparagus are very active-growing plant shoots. After harvest they quickly lose their sweetness and tenderness and develop a fibrous sheath


Tomatoes are savory fruits that are richest in flavour and nourishment when fully ripened. Choose tomatoes that are deeply coloured

Juicing citrus fruits

If you only need a small squeeze of juice from a lemon, orange or lime, use a skewer to pierce

Perfect fried eggs

Achieve the perfect set white and runny yolk with a few splashes of water. Fry the eggs in a non-stick pan

Peeling hard-boiled eggs

Did you know that adding a dash of vinegar to the water when boiling eggs helps the shell peel off

Plate warming

To serve your meals warm, run them under piping-hot water and wipe with a clean dish towel, then immediately top

Salad Dressing

When dressing a leafy salad make sure that all the leaves are thoroughly dry before adding the dressing, so that