Wild Berry Cheesecake

Crush the wheat biscuits. In a saucepan melt the white chocolate together with the butter and with the split and

Ricotta – Filled Cannoli

This dessert has always been a family favourite especially after special occasion dinners. The tubes were fried and a little vermouth was added to the mixture for taste and color.

Apple & Ricotta Pudding

Ricotta is traditionally used in many dessert recipes. As a variation of this recipe you may use any seasonal fruits or fresh cream as topping.

Mille Foglie with Spreadable Pepper...

Roll out the puff pastry as thin as possible in a rectangular shape, with a circular cutter cut 4 discs

Cassata Siciliana with Fig & C...

Mix the candied peel, Hanini ricotta, sugar, chocolate chip, cinnamon in a bowl mix well. Place the gelatin leaves in

Raspberry and Ginger Trifle Cheesec...

Put 50ml of the alcohol in a bowl with the Hanini Original Spreading Cheese and beat with an electric whisk

Strawberry & Ricotta Delight

Spoon the Hanini Irkotta into a mixing bowl of a food processor. Add honey and vanilla. Process for 1 minute

Coffee Ricotta Gateaux

Mix the Hanini Irkotta with the yogurt and sugar in a large bowl. Add the hazelnuts and vanilla extract and