Make use of some of the below list of tips we find very useful in the kitchen. We are sure that you guys all have some great tips too, so please email them to us so we can all benefit!

Homemade Croutons

Croutons make excellent toppings for soups, salads and pasta bakes. Making your own croutons is easy! It is best to

Fridge Freshness

To keep the inside of your fridge fresh and free from odours, place a couple of charcoal briquettes in a

Avoid the mess

To keep your stove top clean – especially when you are frying – cover the top with foil leaving holes

Save the Wine

If you have any left over wine, freeze it into ice cubes! You may then use it to add it

Shredding Lettuce

To keep lettuce from bruising cut it with a plastic or ceramic knife or simply shred it with your hands!

How to get more juice from a lemon

Get more juice from a lemon by microwaving it on high for around 20 seconds. It’ll be warmer and softer than straight from the fridge, making the citrus fruit easier to squeeze. It’s a must-try hack if you’re making lemonade too.

Umami Flavours

If you’re an umami lover, don’t just put salt on your favourite movie snack. Blend soy sauce with melted butter and pour onto plain popcorn for a super savory treat.

Wavy Crispy Bacon

No mess crispy bacon – fold a piece of foil to create a “wave”. Place strips of bacon over the