Celebrity Maltese Chefs

Pilaf bl-Asparagus

Pilaf is a rice dish whose recipe usually involves cooking in stock or broth, adding spices, and other ingredients such as onions, vegetables or meat, and employing some technique for achieving cooked rice grains that do not adhere to each other.
Wash the asparagus thoroughly taking care not to bruise the tips. Dry between layers of kitchen paper so that it absorbs all the water. In a large pan, lightly pan fry the Mayor Diced onions and minced garlic cloves in the butter. Add the dry rice to the onions and coat with the butter. Stir continuously for around 2 minutes on medium heat. Lower the heat add the Spoon Stock and mix well. Allow to cook for 20 minutes. Add the asparagus, season and mix well. Continue cooking on low heat until the rice is cooked and tender. If you notice that the liquid is evaporated and the rice is still not tender enough, you may add some hot water so that it continues to steam. Add a tablespoon of butter and the lemon juice to the cooked rice and mix well. Sprinkle the Hanini grated Gibniet over the rice and serve. This dish may be garnished with lemon slices and spinach leaves.

Risotto bil-faqqiegh

Boil the water and add to the Chicken Spoon Stock and mix well to make a stock. Pour into a large frying pan and keep it on a low heat so that the stock gently boils. In another thick-bottom frying pan, melt the butter together with the olive oil. Add the Mayor Diced Onions and sliced mushrooms and cook for around 4-5 minutes on low heat. Add the rice and coat with the oil and butter until the rice grains are all glistening. Cook for around 1 minute and add a ladleful of Spoon Stock. When the stock evaporates add another ladle of stock while stirring constantly. Keep on adding the stock and stirring constantly until all the stock is used and the rice is cooked. If the rice is not fully cooked by the time the stock finishes you may add a ladle of hot water to make sure the rice is fully ready. Risotto dishes need constant attention while cooking and will take around 25-30 minutes to cook. It is important to keep the heat constant so that the rice does not overcook and becomes mushy (on very low heat) or cooks on the outside but remains hard on the inside (too high heat). After 20 minutes of cooking, add the liquid in smaller amounts so that you do not use too much liquid unnecessarily. It is important to keep stirring throughout the cooking time. The rice is cooked when the grains remain firm but not adhered to each other. The result will resemble rice cooked in a creamy sauce. Add the remaining butter and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

Għadam tal-Mejtin

Put the ground almonds, sugar, egg whites, essences and grated rind of a lemon in a large mixing bowl. Do not add too much almond essence because it will give the filling a bitter taste.  Mix the ingredients well together until you obtain a fairly dry paste. Preheat the oven 1900C, gas mark 5. Put the pastry on a lightly floured tabletop, roll it out and cut it into oblongs. Put some almond paste in the centre of each oblong.  Wrap the pastry around the filling and mould it into the traditional bone shape.  Tuck it neatly around, trimming off extra bits. Put the ‘bones’ on a baking tray that has been lined with baking paper. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the pastry turns golden brown. Remove the ‘bones’ from the baking tray and leave them to cool. Cover them with white royal icing when they are completely cold.

Shellfish Risotto

Saħħan ftit żejt f’taġen kbir u qalli l-basal. Ħawwad il-ħin kollu. Żid ir-ross malli l-basal ikun se jibda jieħu l-kulur. Ħawwad tajjeb u roxx ftit turmeric. Baxxi n-nar u kompli sajjar għal madwar 7 minuti. Żid il-misħun u kompli sajjar dejjem fuq nar baxx. Dejjem żid misħun jekk tara li jkun meħtieġ ftit aktar likwidu waqt is-sajran. Żid il-piżelli, il-bżar aħmar u l-frott tal-baħar wara xi 25 minuta. Roxx ftit bżar u melħ u kompli sajjar sakemm ir-ross isir sew. Servi sħun. 

Vegetarian Fruity Curry with Cinnam...

F'kontenitur ħallat flimkien il-basal, it-tewm, il-fażola, it-tuffieħa, il-pineapple mingħajr il-ġulepp, il-felfel, il-kari, il-kemmun u ż-żejt. Saħħan kazzola u sajjar it-taħlita tal-kari sakemm tieħu l-kulur. Wara, żid il-ġulepp tal-pineapple, iz-zalza tat-tadam, il-ħalib u ħallih itektek. F'taġen żgħir, fi ftit butir, sajjar iż-żerriegħa mfarrka tal-kosbor flimkien maz-zokk tal-kannella u l-ħlewwa stellata għal 2 minuti. Żid ir-ross u ħawwad. Itfa' l-istokk, għattih u ħallik itektek sakemm isir u sakemm jinxtorob l-istokk. Żid ftit bżar u melħ skont il-bżonn u żid il-kosbor il-frisk. Servi maz-zalza tal-kari,

Bacon and Barley Risotto with Fenne...

Fi ftit butir, sajjar il-bejken, il-basal, it-tewm, il-bużbież, il-karfus u t-tewm mingħajr ma jilħaq jieħu kulur. Żid ix-xgħir u ħawwad tajjeb. Żid ukoll il-kunserva ħelwa u erġa' ħawwad. Itfa' l-inbid, l-istokk tal-ħaxix u ħallih itektek. Hekk kif jinxtorob kważi l-ilma kollu, żid it-tadam, ix-xibt u l-bżar u l-melħ. Servi billi titfa' l-mascarpone fil-wiċċ u żejjen bi ftit ħwawar.


Preheat the oven 2000C, gas mark 6. Lightly grease and dust with flour a baking dish having a 23cm diameter. Combine the eggs, sugar and vanilla essence in a large mixing bowl.  Beat for about 10 minutes on the highest speed, until the mixture is white and thick. Use either an electric hand beater or else an electric mixer in order to have a really light sponge.  If you beat the eggs and sugar using a hand whisk, you will never have the same result. Sift the flour and, using a large metal spoon, lightly fold HALF of it into the mixture.Using a metal spoon, add the rest of the flour, half at a time, folding gently, in a figure of eight movement. Pour the mixture in the baking dish.Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the sponge is well-risen and feels firm to the touch.Allow the sponge to stand for 5 minutes before turning it on to a wire rack to cool.

Sweet Potato, Chickpea, Goat’s Ch...

Use a large cutter or a sharp knife to cut the tortilla wraps into discs big enough to fit a muffin tray. Place into the muffin holes and bake until very lightly browned. Allow to cool. Heat a pan and fry together the onions, garlic and cumin until lightly browned. Add the aubergines, sweet potato, 1 tbsp olive oil and season well with salt and pepper. Soften for 6-8 minutes. Add in the chickpeas and hazelnuts, toss for 1 more minute and remove from the heat. Add in the spring onion, chopped coriander, 1/2 of the cheese and mix well. Adjust the seasoning and use the mixture to fill the baskets. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and finish in the oven until the cheese melts. Serve garnished with rocket leaves